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Steel Seal Lifetime guarantee

What is the lifetime guarantee?

Simply put the lifetime guarantee is peace of mind for you.

With the lifetime guarantee you have nothing to lose trying Steel Seal.  Steel Seal either repairs your blown head gasket or you get your money back. 

Our lifetime guarantee is that Steel Seal will permanently repair a blown head gasket, cracked head or block. If Steel Seal fails to repair a blown head gasket or fails at any point during the time you own your vehicle, we will send you additional product at no extra cost.

Steel Seals’ highest priority is to repair your head gasket and keep it repaired.

Why offer a Guarantee?

If you have faith in your product why wouldn’t you offer a guarantee? 

We understand that there are many products on the market that claim to repair a blown head gasket and some of them will either in the very short term or by ‘blocking’ the crack or hole. which is fine but what happens to the rest of the products that ‘blocked’ the hole or crack? It just travels around the cooling system which is fine until its blocks something it shouldn’t.

We have been selling Steel Seal around the world since 1999. If Steel Seal didn’t work we would not have been going for so long giving money back every time it failed to work.

We know other competitors have tried similar guarantees, they very quickly stop offering the guarantee, we will leave it to you to come to your own conclusion why that is…..

How does the lifetime guarantee work?

There are 2 options for the lifetime guarantee

  1. 100% money back –  After following the instructions on the website or bottle the treatment was unfortunately unsuccessful. Contact the tech team at within 30 days from the date of purchase (you will be required to provide a proof of purchase) and you can request a full refund for the purchase price less shipping and handling.
  2. Lifetime warranty – After the 30 days Steel Seal will automatically initiate the lifetime warranty. What this mean is for as long as you have the vehicle, should the head gasket blow again, Steel Seal will send you a free treatment. Just contact the tech team on

The lifetime warranty is a free one time re-treatment and is not transferable to another future owner of the vehicle.

NB: Please note that the information on this page relates only to the guarantee for US customers. The guarantee may be subject to changes in other countries or territories.

Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair - Lifetime Guarantee