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Head Gasket Repair - Steel Seal
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 by james higginbotham
Better information

Tried 2 bottles following the directions (flush, drain, new oil, rpm, time). didn't work. got an email and talked to tech - he sent me a second dose of 2 bottles. Followed the back pressure directions - pulled the plug / injector that I thought was leaking. Ran according to directions. So far there is no longer water in the oil. Problem is : The directions on the back of the bottle call for 1 bottle for 4 cyl and 2 bottles for 6 - 8 cyl. When reading through the website I found: Over 4.0L engine - use 3 bottles. I'm pretty sure this would have made a difference in the original trial. So: Steel seal needs to fix the bottle and clarify engine size up front

 by George Harwell
Blown Head gasket

After having to tow my car home 100 miles or so, I was sick when I found out how much they wanted to fix it. Was ready to try it myself and I'm 80yrs young. Then I read on the net about your product and not having much luck with this type of product I almost pass it up. Then I decided what the hick give it a try and to my surprise it worked. Haven't gone more than 30 min away but everything looks good. Will keep you posted as time goes on. Blessings to you and your product!!!

 by Ken Becht
I had my doubts but your claim is true

I just wanted to thank you for your product "Steel Seal."

I bought 2 bottles and followed the instructions exactly as written.

My 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis LS was diagnosed with a blown head gasket. It was at the number 3 cylinder per the Automotive Shop computer diagnosis & actual photo of the damaged portion of the gasket. After putting in Steel Seal, the engine light went off and the car runs beautifully. I have put several thousand miles on it since and it runs great with no check engine lights.

I had my doubts but your claim is true.

They wanted $2,600.00-$3,000.00 to replace the head gasket. I bought this car new and it's been a really good car. You get a sentimental attachment to your car & I didn't want to let it go yet. Sounds corny but it's true.

 by Ned
Strait six sealed

This is the first time I have used Steel Seal and can confirm it worked for me. There was back pressure and white smoke from the exhaust, and all the usual signs of a head gasket breach as well as the car being off a cylinder. Being a straight six engine I was informed it would take two bottles for the job in hand, so I poured in both bottles with plenty of room in the cooling system as I thought. Started and run the engine for a while but the problem was the water level was too high so the engine just presurised again. I checked the web site and noticed that if this occurred the expansion bottle would have to be drained and radiator cap left off .So I did that and tried again .The result is, after changing a plug which was burned and left the engine still off a cylinder, the problem was cured. I have been driving the car ever since with no problems. Note.. Make sure you empty the overflow bottle to let the product get to the problem. This stuff really works!!

 by Tobias
Very happy so far

"I believe my cylinder head is suffering from the well known Porous / Cracked cylinder head. I was losing coolant after 5 min drive unless I fully heated up the engine first and even when I had I’d still lose coolant if I sat in the Rev range for the turbo to kick in.
If I pulled over the coolant reservoir would be nearly empty or completely empty then I’d open the cap and it would suddenly fill up due to back pressure.
I suffered this for 3 weeks stopping 5-6 times on the way to work.
The part I needed was going to cost £840 if I fitted it myself or Vw wanted £2400 so I was saving for the part when I came across steel seal.
I seriously had my doubts about the product as I have used similar in the past wich have clogged up the coolant system resulting in more issues.
But after a bit of reading on how it works I decide to give steel seal a go.

It’s now only 4 days later but I have not lost any coolant yet and my car has more power than it has had since I owned it for the last 7 months.

I will be keeping an eye on the coolant levels daily still and also changing the cylinder head when I have the funds but steel seal has definitely brought me more time to save if it for some reason does fail."

 by Dan
The Real Deal

i was about to consider my car totaled. It wasn't worth the cost of spending 1500-2000$ for the repairs. I was a Youtuber named Scotty Kilmer recommend this product. I researched it for a few hours and like most of what i heard and seen. It was kinda expensive, i will say that, but for 80-90$ if the product did what it claimed to do it would totally be worth it.....sure as sh@t it worth liked a charm. I never do online reviews for products but i just had to with this product. It's like magic. Just be sure to follow all the directions closely(change out bad coolent, replace with fresh water, do an oil change before usuing product etc). If you do all that and your gasket is completly smoked than the product is almost sure to work. HIGHLY RECOMMENED!!

 by Matt Nicoson
Old Pontiac Revived

My reliable Pontiac Aztek has over 250,000 miles on it but still looks good and was running fine when it started overheating. Diagnosis from 2 mechanics was blown head gasket. Thermostat is fine, hoses are fine, fan working fine... They wanted $1500-$1700 to replace (mostly labor of course). Could not justfiy spending that so was pondering just scrapping it out but really wanted to keep it running. Saw the ad for Steel Seal and was skeptical but for the cost I figured I had nothing to lose. Followed the instructions and other tips in several YouTube videos and evidently it worked because it has been running fine for 3 days now! Very Happy I tried it out!

 by Eric Boston
It Works Miracles

Before I used this my Expedition had large amounts of heavy white smoke coming out of the exhaust and it was also misfiring on cylinder 1. After I used steel seal the white smoke stop and the Expedition is no longer misfiring. I love this product and would highly recommended to anyone who has a coolant into motor issue.

 by Juan
Great customer services

Great customer services from Chris from steel seal gave me the answers to my problems and with great professionalism

 by Michael

After two months fighting to start my car (280000 km) in the morning, wearing down the battery until it finally started on 1-2 cylinders, I applied Steel Seal yesterday evening. First thing today was to start the engine and it started immediately on the first try on all 4 cylinders. Would highly recommend the product.

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